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A-List Celebrities With Green Businesses

June 22, 2012

Not all celebrities are about Hollywood glamour, fast cars, and making money only. In fact, some of the most successful celebrities are about quite the opposite: saving the environment. Celebrities who have been in the business for some time are now opting to use their influence to create environmental programs and business solutions. Here is a sampling of some of the world’s most famous people today, working to create a better world for tomorrow through business:
1. Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner was the perfect personal defender in Bodyguard, and now he is defending the planet as well. His environmental protection business Ocean Therapy Solutions has spent over fifteen years designing a new centrifuge that can clean up about 2,000 barrels of oil out of seawater every day. After the BP oil spill, the company used Ocean Therapy Solutions to clean much of the coastal spill.
2. Cameron Diaz
While Cameron may be known for her goofy roles in some of the most beloved modern
comedies, this funny girl sees nothing to joke about when it comes to environmental
preservation. She has recently launched a new show on MTV, Trippin, where she heads around the world to experience first-hand some of the most dire environmental needs.
3. Rachael McAdams
Best known for her roles in The Notebook and Mean Girls Rachel McAdams is one of the top talents in young Hollywood. She is also an avid environmentalist who prefers to unplug, ride her bike, and recycle everything possible. She has also started her own site Green is Sexy to show others how to do the same.
4. Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is not only a legendary country singer, he has also always had a fondness for the open road. It’s no surprise that he co-founded a biodiesel fuel company that produces a soybean and vegetable fuel named Bio Willie in an effort to reduce the United States’ dependence of foreign oil and minimize the threat to the environment. The fuel is currently sold by Earth Biodiesel Inc.
5. Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah is a beauty icon and talented actress who is also very environmentally active. She owns her own online store Love Life Goods where she sells sustainable, recycled and organic lifestyle products. From beauty treats, to clothing, to composters, this site covers it.
6. Ed Begley, Jr.
Ed Begley, Jr. has been a longtime A-list celeb and many people know he has also been a longtime proponent of environmentally friendly lifestyles. Once he rejected a limo to drive him to the Academy Awards, preferring to show up right on time on his bicycle. He currently owns a company that manufactures and sells a line of green cleaning products, Begley’s Best. They are made from completely natural, but effective, ingredients and are guaranteed to be non-harmful for the environment, for animals, and for humans.
This guest post is by Eliza Morgan, a full time freelance writer and blogger. She specializes in writing about business credit cards and other business related topics. 
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