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International Environmental Film Festival, 28th Annual, Paris

November 27, 2010

From Official Website:

Over the past few years, a number of films on ecology and the climate have been awarded prizes and have succeeded in attracting a significant turnout in cinemas. The 28th International Festival of Environmental Film, held from 24th to 30th November in the La Pagode cinema, presents a unique panorama of this new genre which is inspiring filmmakers from around the world.

Sponsored by Isabelle Giordano, this year will focus in particular on the issues linked to biodiversity and climate change, with the spotlight on Mexican documentaries.

You can attend screenings of documentaries, dramas and short films from around the world, attend previews, cartes blanches and thematic programmes, all for free.

In their own way, each of these films address a variety of subjects such as the protection of nature, the rational management of resources, the greenhouse effect, the quality of agriculture and the environment, the fight against poverty, participative democracy, north-south and east-west relations, the influx of immigrants and integration etc…

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